September 2, 2009

A Salvation So Great

I love ska.

Everything about it makes me happier: the horns, the high-pitched, frazzled guitar that sets the tone for the jazzy, funky beats, and tunes that never cease to flutter around the brain long after being played. Ahh…the glory days of the 90’s.

And back then The O.C. Supertones were the heavy hitters. Like any legit ska band, they originated in California. My Dad won their cassette tape off the radio...and ever since they first came in through my Walkman, I've been hooked.

At the end of their second album, the last song is notably different than the more complex melodies which made the Supertones distinct and popular. A simple song with only an acoustic guitar accompanied by a electric solo made the ending seem like a whisper.

But it seems many important things come softly.

/Why me God? Why should You choose me?/
/On your team God, can You use even me?/
/Oh, hold me in your arms of love/
/Sometimes I swear I feel your heartbeat/
/I could never ever thank You enough/
/But here's my life for whatever it's worth/

And so this blog is about what it means to be saved and sanctified. A saint and a sinner. A lover and a fighter. Striving and struggling. Sinning and forgiving. Trying to connect to the beautiful music of heaven while being shackled to such a tone-deaf earth.

Exploring how we can attain what we already have…

a salvation so great.


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