May 10, 2012

To a Better Way: Affirmations in the Life of Joshua Young

I am not perfect despite what I used to believe.
I am not who I used to be.
I have changed, am changing, and will change because Jesus is working in me.
I am focused on being more like Jesus, and that is 'God's will' for my life, not a job, ministry, or relationship.
I am not my faults, failures, and short-comings.
Brokenness will persist in my life until Jesus brings perfect peace, not until then.
Healing from brokenness is not a destination, it is a pathway.

I am not defined by past relationships, hurts, and pain.
I have hurt others and am free to forgive myself, because Jesus has forgiven me.
I cannot let my past failures define my present perspective on reality.
My broken engagement is not a pattern and does not determine my future marriage.

I am not as prideful as I used to be, but I'm more prideful than I should be.
Jesus was humble for me so that I can be humble in Him.
I'm free from pride, anger, and striving.
I can rest in what has already been done for me.

I am forgiven because of Jesus' death.
I am free because of Jesus' victory.
I am alive because of Jesus' resurrection.
Just because my Dad is dead does not mean I am not still his son.
God is my Father and he will fill in the gaps that my Dad's death has left in me.
There is a reason for Dad's death and Mom and I's part in it.

Jesus redeems every pain, every hurt, every suffering, and every sin for His glory and my joy.  He has consistently and clearly met me in the threshing floor of my life, picking up what I see as garbage and mistakes, and creating sometime new and beautiful out of it.  There is hope

He brings healing in my brokenness, love in my pain, joy in my suffering, peace in my despair, hope in every challenge.  He loves me enough to not deliver me from my sufferings, but give me the strength to bear under them.  He cares for me enough to not leave me in despair and guilt, sin and lies...but to call me to a better way.  There is a better way.

There is no chasm of sin or suffering that can separate me from His bridge-building love.  There is no misstep that can thwart me from His purposeful path.  There are no winds of choice too strong to lead me away from the coastline of His grace.  There is security.

Jesus is all-rightness, and He makes me right because He took my wrong and obliterated it on the cross.  

I am free.

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