December 26, 2012

The King Has Come...

it was only love that drew the King to a stable,
stability of divinity was joined with the insecurity of humanity and in light of eternity
his very essence is changed, chained to the glory and the pain of the weight of the worlds shame but conquered by a plane jane from Jerusalem, so justice flows and we just know that Jesus is the Just King and the Just Son of the Mighty Elohim,
so enter into the joy as a Queen who marries a King, who's song sings like a thousands symphonies of Pslamists stanzas and as we stand up let us scream the song of the


rejoiced over,

reconciled, because of the love that drew the King to a stable,
our insecure humanity is joined with the King's unchanging divinity and we can sing with His voice
the song of eternity,
unlocked, in spite of the fall we now fall at the feet of the one who has victory over it all and will face no judgment because of this Kings call,
that started with a baby and ended with victory, buying back the Place of the Skull and replacing death with true humanity,

so as the song of the King sings exultation over your being
                the King has come.

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